Mar. 14, 2013

Eloquently Dressed vs Butt Ball Naked!

Do you use profanity?  If so, do you use it sparingly or is every other word out of your mouth an “expletive”? Let me establish here at the beginning – I use curse words!  That is a fact and I am not bragging about it! I try not to offend people, and when I notice they flinch when certain words come out of my mouth, I do try to clean up my act, at least while in their presence.  I mostly use the “s” and “d” words and have to either be very upset about something or joking with someone I know well, to use the “f” word.  I don’t have to use profanity in every conversation I have.


 In fact, I gave up cursing for Lent this year – but several days into it, I realized that it would be less stressful if I just stuck with the no red meat and sweets.  Surely giving something up that you really enjoy – such as red meat and sweets for me – would be a sacrifice but the only thing being sacrificed by my avoiding curse words, was my sanity!   After all I don’t smoke or use drugs but do admit that nothing can compare to an occasional Hennessey White on the rocks or being able to shout out an expletive when appropriate!


Sometimes I use these words in jest, sometimes to emphasize a point – and sometimes they are simply uttered when I find myself “thinking out loud”!  BUT, I SELDOM USE THEM WHEN I WRITE and especially when I write something like this that I want people to take seriously!  I am not a novelist and I am not referring to authors who use profanity in their books because as I said, I am guilty everyday and it wouldn't seem realistic if it were never used in most comtemporary novels.  I am referring primarily to the 10 word FB Posts where the "f" word is used 5 times.  Yes, I can defriend these people, but sometimes they do post good information - I just wish they could say it in more civil terms.


I have been told that people often curse because they have a limited vocabulary, and while that did make me take pause, it didn’t make me stop. When I sit down to write – as I’m doing now – I take the time to express myself without using profanity because this is not a spur of the moment utterance!


 Let’s give this some thought!  If you read a book and then wrote the following review, “This was the worse shit I’ve ever read” – most people will surely assume you didn’t like it. But would they better understand what you meant, if you were to write, “This book was poorly written with grammatical and spelling errors throughout, the plot was trite, and the characters were not memorable. I would not recommend it”? Of course they would, but we have become lazy readers and writers. 


On a different yet similar level – do you remember a time when you could read a book in which the writer took time to use words to convey intimacy and sexual satisfaction without resorting to a blow-by-blow description of a “toe curling” sex act?  Well, I do and I firmly believe it made us use our imagination in ways that people don’t know how to anymore.


Eloquently fully dressed versus butt, ball naked!! Ladies, do you remember Denzel’s swag in the movie “Devil in a Blue Dress” in that wife-beater?  Need I say more?