Mar. 22, 2015

March 21

Let me begin today by saying the "new" keynote speaker returned the signed contract in record time - I picked it up from my P O Box on Friday or less than two weeks from the day I mailed it!CoolBig Grin

Today my husband and I attended "Delta's on Tour" in Owings Mills, MD hosted by the Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter. We saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones! The panel we sat in on featured authors (pictured - left to right) Maxine Bigby Cunningham, Victoria Christopher Murphy, K. R. Raye, Brandelyn N. Castine, and J.J. Michaels - it was awe-inspiring. The Q&A was on point - many topics were covered and great answers were given. The highlight of the day for me was when the Event Planner came up, introduced herself, and shared how information I shared on this Blog was instrumental in planning today's successful event.

I'm taking time to document this because attending literary events is one of the ways I meet and connect with new authors. It's important that you keep your event fresh by featuring several new authors each year and rotating favorites.  I exchanged business cards and information with several authors and then, when I arrived back home, I sent them an email with more information about me and the events I plan.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that they will be interested and reach out to me and I will be able to fill those last few slots for October!