Apr. 1, 2015

March 31, 2015

Today I am in the midst of a complete and total meltdown. Unfortunately meltdowns are often a side efffect of event planning.

I have exchanged 8 - let me repeat - EIGHT emails today with one person in an attempt to set up ONE call!  Tip: Be specific - provide a day and time you would like to talk with a person not "I'm available on Friday"! Which means I must respond - What time are you available? Then you respond, "I just realize I have a meeting on Friday, but I can do it Thursday" (STILL NO TIME)!  I am so over this!!!! Such a waste of time and SOOOO frustrating, unprofessional and most of all it makes me feel that the person doesn't value me or my time!

  • Still recovering from yesterday when I shared numerous emails with an author who was perturbed that I couldn't provide detailed information about the titles and panelists who would be on the program in October. She told me she needed this information in order to decide whether or not to register as an exhibiting author.
  • She was also upset that I was recruiting authors six months out! 
  • I'm not sure that she bought into my theory that I don't usually decide on panels until all of the players are in place.  In other words, I don't announce what panels will be held until I have the panelists in place.
  • Tip - if you are a new author who is looking for events where you can meet new readers, sell books and network - following are some things you might want to consider:
    • Is this a new or established event?
    • Do the authors and attendees who participated in previous events consider it well organized and worth their time and investment?
    • Does the event attract an audience large enough to ensure that your registration fee can be recouped? And,
    • Does the event draw repeat exhibitors, established authors and attendees.