Apr. 23, 2015

April 22, 2015

Today I was the guest on a local radio show - The Thornton Business Hour- to promote the upcoming Prince George's Book Festival. It was a great but somewhat harrowing experience.  Though Ms. Thornton and I had exchanged emails and entered into an agreement that if she would feature me on her show to promote the Festival, I  would her with a complementary vendor's table at the Festival. But we had not set a date!

Yesterday she called about 6 pm to ask if I could be there today - the scheduled guest had an emergency and could not be there!  Not wanting to miss an opportunity for free advertising - I of course accepted.

She asked that I be there by 10:40 am for the 11:00 am show so that we would have time to discuss what would be covered. All was going well until she got stuck in traffic and called to see if I had arrived and if I COULD START THE SHOW WITHOUT HER!  ME! START A SHOW! 

Oh well - she arrived at 11:03, the engineer filled in with commercials until then - and the show went on!  I've heard from several people who listened that it went well - but I would love a re-do!  Just kidding -  I'm sure I got all the important info in about the Festival and the Black Authors & Readers Rock Weekend!  I am bushed but pleased!

Tip: Contact the Community Affairs offices of your local the radio and television stations and arrange to be interviewed about upcoming events that you or your club are sponsoring in the community.